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Also, we know this time of year is bittersweet for many in our community. It is a time to spend with loved ones and have a break, but for others it can also be a painful time of year, as it is a constant reminder a loved one is absent.  If you do feel sad or isolated, try to connect with family, friends or reach out to a helpline, as there are many who are more than willing to lend an ear and at times we just want to sit with ourselves too, that's ok. Let your family, friends know how you are feeling as this helps them to understand.

For those who are not quite sure what to say or do if someone in their family or social circle is bereaved, just letting the bereaved person know you are available for a chat, coffee or a walk is often enough. It is important to really listen, hear to what they have to say and provide non-judgemental support in a safe and caring environment.

Wishing everyone a safe and peaceful holiday. Stay well and see you in 2024     

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