SabrinasReach4Life is a non-profit and charitable association, led by peers with a lived experience of suicide and those who have been impacted by someone who has experienced mental ill health or distress and are committed and passionate in helping others.  Established by Lidia and Michael Di Lembo and originally known as SabrinasRide4Life,  following the death by suicide of their precious 19 year old daughter, Sabrina Josephine Di Lembo in May 2017. 

We aim to:            Instil Hope  ~  Promote Healing  ~  Engender Compassion  

We offer:             Support and Referral ~     Bereavement Peer Support Group  ~   Lived Experience Collective ~       Advocacy and Capacity Building ~ Awareness and Advisory in Suicide prevention and postvention. 

SabrinasReach4Life has evolved over the years, continues to rely on volunteer effort to operate, has organised community events to increase awareness of suicide such as the World Suicide Prevention Day(WSPD) Breakfast event in 2019 and WSPD Forum 2020. The Management Committee and members participate in suicide prevention campaigns and are involved in an advisory capacity in local and national forums such as Suicide Prevention Australia, Postvention Australia, StandBy Support after Suicide and Roses in the Ocean. 

Our History

In 2018, Lidia and Michael established SabrinasRide4Life, led a community campaign aimed to raise awareness of mental illness, promote mental health, reduce stigma of suicide, fundraise for mental health research and suicide prevention.  Lidia, Michael and families were so dumbfounded, shocked and devastated by the immeasurable loss of their Sabrina, who did not have a history of mental ill health, except for a short period of 3 months where by Sabrina became highly anxious and eventually suffering depression over her inability to study for her university exams. Lidia and Michael sought help for their daughter from many, but sadly the 'system' failed their daughter, who eventually lost hope she would get better. (Help is available and everyone who is struggling or in distress in encouraged to not give up and reach out for help). The Di Lembo family decided to do something extreme and channelled their grief into speaking out about suicide, mental ill health and fundraising for mental health research. Fundraising included an NT Lottery, a mammoth 100km per day bike ride from Adelaide to Darwin, a "Dinner under the Stars" and "High Tea Shoe Sale" launched by the Administrator of the NT, Her Honour Ms Vicki O'Halloran. The target of raising $100,000 for the Black Dog Institute was achieved plus funds towards a Sabrina Di Lembo Memorial CDU Scholarship to support a student studying Psychology. The purpose of the scholarship is to support a local in need of financial support to become a health professional in order to increase the pool of health professionals in our community who can help those in distress, who might suffer from anxiety, depression or trauma in their life. 

In 2019, following overwhelming support from the community, Lidia embarked on another initiative with a group of friends, family and interested persons to establish a peer led support group for survivors of suicide.  Sadly, when the Di Lembo family lost Sabrina, there was no support group to provide bereavement support and information to help better understand and come to terms with the unique grief and loss. The Bereaved By Suicide Support Group NT (BBSSGNT) came about and provides an invaluable network of support, friendship and information. It meets on the first Wednesday of every month at Harry's Place in Tiwi. The experience of grief due to suicide is unique and can, at times, be difficult for others without personal experience to understand. A support group brings together those who have firsthand experience with suicide loss so that they may share their feelings and stories with people who understand what they are going through.