Our structure

SabrinasReach4Life Incorporated (SR4L) was founded in 2018 by Lidia and Michael Di Lembo following the loss of their daughter Sabrina, to suicide. It became incorporated under the Associations Act 2003 (NT) in 2019 and a registered charity in 2020.  SR4L has a Management Committee made up of volunteers which meets monthly, and a number of Sub Committee focussed on particular areas of business including Support and Referrals, Advocacy and Capacity Building, Governance and Risk, and Specific Projects. 

The Management Committee of SabrinasReach4life Incorporated:

  • Provides leadership to the organisation ensuring that it achieves continuing prosperity in the best interests of the organisation 
  • Ensures an appropriate mix of committee members whether through interaction with owners/key stakeholders resulting in the election of appropriately skilled personnel or through the appointment of such individuals.
  • Establishes the organisation’s purpose, values and strategies.
  • Determines the appropriate culture for the organisation and models behaviours that both reflect and promulgate the desired culture.
  • Employs staff in the future, monitors management and organisation performance against management committee established criteria.
  • Identifies and monitors the management of corporate risks.
  • Ensures that the organisation complies with all internal and externally imposed compliance requirements.
  • Establishes and maintains effective relationships and partnerships with stakeholders.
  • Ensures that internal processes and procedures are designed to provide effective controls for reporting to the committee as required.

In pursuit towards charitable status SabrinasReach4life will have regard to Governance Standards. These will include:

  • Charities must be not-for-profit and work towards their charitable purpose. They must be able to demonstrate this and provide information about their purposes to the public.
  • Charities that have members must take reasonable steps to be accountable to their members and provide them with adequate opportunity to raise concerns about how the charity is governed.
  • Charities must not commit a serious offence (such as fraud) under any Australian law or breach a law that may result in a penalty.
  • Charities must take reasonable steps to:
    • be satisfied that its Responsible Persons (such as board or committee members or trustees) are not disqualified from managing a corporation under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) or disqualified from being a Responsible Person of a registered charity by the ACNC Commissioner, and remove any Responsible Person who does not meet these requirements.
    • Charities must take reasonable steps to make sure that Responsible Persons are subject to, understand and carry out the duties set out in this Standard.
  • Duties will encompass the following:
    1. Act with reasonable care and diligence
    2. Act honestly in the best interests of the charity and for its purposes
    3. Not misuse the position of responsible person
    4. Not to misuse information obtained in performing duties
    5. Disclose any actual or perceived conflict of interest
    6. Ensure that the charity's financial affairs are managed responsibly
    7.  Not allow a charity to operate while insolvent