Our Vision

To reduce the impact of suicide in our community through peer led support, advocacy, collaboration, information and awareness.

Our Mission

Our objectives are to:

  1. Become a recognised organisation with lived experience focussed on prevention, intervention, advocacy and support after suicide.
  2. Promote a love of life, social and emotional wellbeing.
  3. Provide lived experience peer led support by reaching out to those who are suffering bereavement and trauma from suicide.
  4. Build resilience and capacity in individuals, families and communities to enhance wellbeing following a suicide.
  5. Facilitate research in suicide prevention and postvention
  6. Provide resources and share information in a manner which is responsive, accessible, and easily understood.
  7. Advocate for systemic change, inform policy development and knowledge in mental health services and those bereaved from suicide in our community.
  8. Raise public awareness and education about mental health/ illness and reduce the stigma associated with suicide in our community.
  9. Maintain cooperative links with local, national and international suicide prevention and postvention organisations.
  10. Actively seek financial support and philanthropic interest to help sustain the on-going operation of the Association.