A problem shared is a problem halved

It is OK to let someone know that you have noticed they are struggling and it is ok to ask them if they are experiencing thoughts of suicide.

It is normal to feel nervous about having a conversation with a friend, family member or work colleague who might be experiencing suicidal thoughts, there are resources available to help you on how to ask the questions.

Tips to consider if you are worried about someone and want to talk to them about suicide:

  • It is better to reach out than avoid the person for fear of getting the conversation wrong. Experts generally agree that asking someone whether they are thinking about suicide is unlikely to make the situation worse or ‘put ideas in their head’.
  • If you feel uncertain if your friend or loved one may be at risk, ask the question directly – “Are you having thoughts about suicide?”  and be prepared for the answer to be “yes”.
  • Make the person feel comfortable by listening without judgment or criticism and don’t try to ‘fix’ the problem or talk them out of suicide. Just listen.
  • Ensure they are safe for now and talk to the person about who else to involve so they can be supported. You can assist by connecting them with other supports and services.
  • Connect with resources and supports that are available to you to help you with the conversation.
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