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YSMS ~ Your Story My Story ~ Project  

Sabrina’s Reach 4 Life (SR4L) is proposing to launch a platform for young people celebrating the sharing of stories in a variety of ways that would be comfortable with the person sharing about personal struggles, celebrating young people dealing with challenges and for those who provide meaningful support to others’ health and well-being.

This platform is intended to be co-designed with young people, to determine the look and feel of the platform. Consultations will be conducted across a range of settings and groups, from school age to university level, reaching beyond often targeted, high achieving young people

This project seeks to empower young people to actively care for their health and well-being, as well as normalising help seeking behaviours and help offering, to reduce the associated stigma of being unwell or in crisis.

This platform aims to:

  • destigmatise discussions about health, well-being, mental health and suicide
  • celebrate young people prioritising health and well-being
  • acknowledge and commend young people working to strengthen their mental health and well-being
  • open authentic and safe conversations about health and well-being
  • build resilience and capacity in young people and promote connections and friendships
  • recognise those in our community who compassionately go above and beyond to help young people who experience adversity, distress or mental ill health
  • expand SR4L influence in community discussions about health, well-being and suicide
  • build upon and expand relationships between SR4L and young people in NT
  • possibly build a community of young people who could be mentored, trained and supported to help other young people

SR4L hopes that through celebrating the sharing of stories about personal struggles and how they can be overcome, celebrating young people dealing with challenges in impressive ways. Through the process of development and delivery, authentic and safe conversations will be opened, normalising and destigmatising support seeking and offering, and empowering young people to care for their health and wellbeing consciously.

It is essential to SR4L this platform is meaningful and relevant to young people, to have an impact on discussion about health, wellbeing, as well and seeking and providing help. A consultation and co-design process is essential to ensuring this. We will commence co-design as soon as practical, with the intention of opening and growing discussions about taking care of our health, wellbeing and safety throughout.

YSMS  Project Survey

We are conducting a survey to gather feedback from young people and the general community on a platform we are developing to enable young people to share their stories.

Your feedback is incredibly important to us.

The survey will only take 1 Minute of your time.

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